Friday, August 9, 2013

Gearing up for Preschool: Art Time

So I can always let the kids color with crayons, but I thought they would like to paint.  Let's be honest, how many of us are gutsy enough to let our kids paint with water colors and huge amounts of water.  Not in this household.  I have been looking for the paint with water books for quite some time, but without much luck.  I came across these at Dollar General.  It lets them pick the colors that they want and it is contained, Yehaw.
I was even more excited when I found that they were perforated.  And so is the paint strip at the bottom.

I was trying to figure out what they could paint with.  Right on the book it mentions q-tips.  Awesome.  I have this travel box of q-tips and that fit perfect in a zipper bag with the books.

It sounded like the perfect busy bag for me.  What do you think?  Perfect for art time in my opinion.

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