Friday, September 20, 2013

A New Fish Tank

So Matt has had a small 5 gallon fish tank for a long time now.  He has wanted a larger 20 gallon tank for a while.  Tanks do cost a bit to set up, and they are really heavy so you need somewhere to put them.  When I redid the dresser the intention was that we would put a fish tank on it.  We just had to come up with the funds to get a new tank.
We finally got one.

We had to go with blue and green gravel to match the living room.

Here are the beginnings.

We already had the rock and the blue plant.  We purchased another package of plants.  And let everything settle for a few days.

We added the fish we already had and then added a few more new ones.

Here is our plecostamous.  He has the coolest belly.

Here is a close up of a few of our fish.
The kids really love being able to see them easier.  They have a hard time remembering not to tap on the glass and putting stuff in the tank.

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