Friday, September 27, 2013

My New Awnings

For as long as we have lived in this house, we have always dealt with hot summers and window mount air conditioning units.  I crave the day when we can afford to put in central air.  I hate summertime because of the heat.
Matt has tried many different things.  Screens that are supposed to block the uv rays and all types of solutions.  Then he said why not awnings.  I resisted for a while cause I thought that they would be awful.  I finally decided if he could show me something decent I would let him put them up.
Metal roofing that matches the house ok.

Here he is building them

The really simple design.

Our front room window without the awning.

The window with the awning.  None to shabby.  Cute kids huh?

Don't mind the weeds, it has been to hot to be outside.  Don't mind the dead spot, we have been on water restrictions because of the heat and lack of rain.

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