Friday, September 6, 2013

New Chairs for My Front Porch

When we were looking to buy a house, one thing that I really wanted was a front porch (and not just a little step).  I always wanted a front porch you could sit and drink a lemonade, where you could sit and watch the rain, when the neighbors are walking by they stop and chat. 
We have a front porch, and this is how it usually looks.  I will be honest, my husband tries to use it as a catch all and it drives me crazy.

I cleaned it off and after six years I finally have some chairs to put on it.  Yay.  I couldn't sweep all of the stuff off because it was still wet.
Here is a view from the front.

Matt doesn't seem to be minding a nice place to sit.  Maybe just maybe, we can keep the bags of fertilizer off now.  Did I mention he doesn't really like to be my model.  When he is frustrating me I get back at him by slipping in a picture.

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