Friday, October 25, 2013

Prep for Kody's Birthday: Food for the Kids and Adults

All of these pictures were pulled from Google, so none of them are my own.

Kids - I have been thinking about this for some time.  I am really excited about what is on my menu for the party.  I wanted everything to be based around automotive stuff.
I am having a good friend create some labels for soda bottles, similar to these.  Rootbeer for motor oil and Sprite for Gasoline.
I like to have really healthy foods, so these apple cars are perfect.
These fruit stop lights are perfect and so cute.  I would use banana and strawberries and kiwis.
I thought I might let the kids make these depending on how much time we have.  I really like the looks of these cookies.
I know most kids will eat hot dogs, and you need a main dish.
These are totally happening.  This is one of the activities I am letting the kids make these as their craft and dessert.
Adults: I really like better food than what most kids will eat.  Hot dogs are okay, but I don't prefer them.
I liked these mini fruit pizzas, and I am already going to have fruit.
Maybe I am just craving some bread sticks but these look really yummy.  Most people like bread sticks
I love a good salad and want to include some veggies.
Chicken Cordon Bleu, ahh perfect.  Especially done the easy way.
Who can turn down a good lemonade.  Something light and refreshing sounds good to me.
Does it sound pretty good to you? It totally does to me.

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