Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Reduced Santa Choice

For the last few years, Christmas has been my least favorite time of year and I hate it.  It should be joyous when it is not.  I always look forward to taking every thing down and getting on with my life.  That doesn't make it any fun for my kids and it should be fun for them.

My reasons for hating Christmas are simple, it is to overly commercialized.  It has become about what you are going to buy for everyone on your list.  So many times you become obligated to buy for people you would rather not.  I stand in line at the registers and hear people say credit when the question is "cash or credit".  If you are getting the miles then great, if it is something that you have to get like food then I understand.  But if you are going into debt to buy Christmas, then you to have lost sight.

I also hate that most of the time when you ask kids, they are more excited for Santa than the real reason for the season.  I am just going to say it, I hate Santa Clause.  He takes away from Christ, because that is all that the kids focus on.

This year we are down playing all of the other things.  I am making most of the gifts that I give and putting some real thought into all of them, everything will be meaningful to the person I give it to.  I will not spend very much getting gifts and I refuse to put it on my credit card (I don't usually anyway).  People will know I love them, by the way I treat them.  Santa Clause will not play a big part of my celebrations.

I am not putting up any décor that pays homage to Santa.  I am not reading any Christmas books that relate to Santa, that includes movies too.  I will only allow 1 small gift from Santa.  My husband doesn't want me to remove Santa completely, because he wants them to experience an imagination and the fairy tale.  I respect that, and I will not restrict others from sharing in the Santa part of Christmas.  I will however reduce the influence that it has on our kids.

I will be sharing books that are centered around Christ or charity, things that Christ teaches.  We will watch movies about Christ and families, etc.  We will probably go caroling and focus on music that portrays Christ.  We will decorate with things associated with Christ.

I want my children to learn about Christ, and understand what he did for us.  I want them to realize the reason we celebrate Christmas.  I also want them to learn about serving others and the qualities that Christ showed to his people.

I can respect those that have different opinions.  This how I feel and what I am doing to change things.  If you do have differing opinions, please respect my beliefs and feelings.  You are more than welcome to comment, but please be tactful and respectful of others.

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  1. Amen! Once we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior we began to despise Santa. Once my son was a little older we explained the Truth and didn't do Santa with my next 2 children.