Friday, December 6, 2013

The $20 Lesson

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A couple of years ago, during the Christmas season, Matt and I went to Temple Square to see the lights.  It had been a date night that I was rather excited about.  We had been arranging it for days, a babysitter and such.

We went up there thinking every thing was all good.  We had even talked to his Mom, who had been up there a few weeks prior, about parking and nearby attractions.  We were feeling good about everything.
When we got up there we looked around for a place to park that was within the $8.50 cents I had in my pocket.  There were none.  We chose to park in the parking garage, under our Church's Conference Center, remembering we had some change in the center console.

When we parked, we counted what money we had, it was $9.75, 25 cents less than the necessary $10.00 to get back out of the parking garage.  The machines are automated, but do not accept debit/credit cards.  Oh no.

My heart sunk, what were we to do?  We walked to the nearest ATM for our bank, we had less than the $20.00 that is the lowest increment for withdrawal (it was the day before payday).  We couldn't withdrawal from our credit card or from our saving account.  We were at a loss.

We started looking for change on the ground, we found none.  I felt like a beggar, ready to hold up a sign.  We walked into a bookstore, that sells publications for our Church.  We started  asking about making a small purchase that we could return, to get 50 cents from our account.  Unfortunately we couldn't do that - returns go back on the card from which it was purchased.

I was tired, cold, upset, and scared.  I felt helpless, from this state I explained our situation to the cashier, he was a young gentleman of college age.  He told us to wait for a minute and he ran to the break room and came back with two quarters.  He graciously gave them to us.

I have never been more thankful for any gift.  We said thank you so many times and for his generosity, made a purchase of two rolls and a cup of hot chocolate to share.  After all of the worrying and walking I was very hungry.  I wish that I had remembered that young man's name, I wanted to send him $20.00 for his actions.
We went and got our car from the parking garage and headed back toward home.  I cried out of thankfulness most of the way home.  Shortly after this event we were able to help out other's close to us.
Ever since this event we have done more to help out others.  We also each carry a $20.00 bill in our wallets in case we ever have something like this happen again

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