Friday, January 10, 2014

The New Play Room: The Intro

A few years ago when we were pregnant with Cheyenne, our oldest, we decided we wanted to redo the upstairs so that she would have a bedroom...eventually.  Well that project continued into the time we were pregnant with Dakota (they are only 15 1/2 months apart).  The project made it to the livable state.

We got most of the trim in and it was painted (white, cause that is the cheapest).  we had the flooring and all of the electrical done.  It was never the prettiest but it was done, for the time being.

I was always meaning to decorate it, but I have a son who is destructo-mania.  Needless to say anything that I did was soon undone, Ugh.

When we did it all, Matt put in this door for our attic access (it was prettier until Dakota happened).  We never finished the other room.  Now we are looking to finally finish it into a playroom.

The door currently is less than four feet tall, that will have to change.

See attic storage.  Most of those bins may be my craft stuff.  This is what it looks like at the entrance of the door.

Here is what we have work with.

Notice Dakota broke in there and tossed in some toys, so helpful.  He is a tricky little stinker, He pulled the tumbler out of the lock and figured out how to unlock it with his finger nail.  The lock has since been replaced.

These are the shingles from the original part of the house.  We have to remove them, as part of our projects.  They are actually wood.

We have a long way to go.  Lots of steps to get there, electrical, a new door, dry wall, lights, mud, and paint.  All kinds of things.  Oh yeah, and removal of the chimney.

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