Friday, March 14, 2014

Food Storage Friday: Awesome New (to me) Tool

I have bottled stuff in the past.  But haven't in a while, due to lack of tools.  I didn't have any of the right tools, and still don't have all of the ones I need.  I will work with what I have, for now.

This water bath canner was my the one my Mom's mother owned, she has since passed on.  My Mom had it in her storage room and wasn't using it, I stole it (with her knowledge of course).  I am so excited.

When I first got it, I had to question what I had gotten myself into.  It was a total mess, so gross.  I used basic h and basic g to clean it up.  I had to scrub it good and work to get it clean.  It now looks almost brand new.

I can't wait to get canning, I am way so excited.  I am ready to get busy canning.

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