Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday Wellness: Intro

For people who are pretty close to me, they know that I am a bit of a health nut.  Because of this, I am introducing Wednesday Wellness.  I will be introducing some awesome products and giving information on improving your health, helping to reduce toxins in our homes through cleaners and beauty products, and aiding in weight management.

I personally believe that the best way to avoid needing medical care is to manage health through supplementing and personal hygiene.  I also think that it is important to pay attention to the chemical we use in our homes and diets.  The best way to avoid being sick when we are older is to take care of ourselves now, including watching our weight.

To me it is very important to take care of myself so that I am around for my kids.  I feel like it would be selfish if I didn't try my hardest to be there for them.  My health has limited me in the past, and there were times I was unable to do my job.  It wasn't really my fault and it took a lot of money and tests to get me to where I am now, but I still felt like I was being a terrible Mom and I never want to feel like that again.

For the first little while I am going to focus on ridding our homes of toxic cleaners.  I have asthma and I know that I have had less issues since I stopped using cleaners that put off fumes and toxins.  My kids have never had any problems with allergies or breathing problems, I always expected at least one to follow in my footsteps but not so far.

My very favorite cleaner to use is Shaklee's Basic H2.  This is really the most versatile cleaner out there, and I love it.  I will introduce it better next week.  Until then you can find it here.  I totally love this stuff as use it for everything.

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