Monday, May 12, 2014

What Do Test Tubes and Matt Have Do With One Another?

Does your significant other ever come up with some unusual ideas?  Sometimes I wonder what I got myself into when I married Matt (pretty sure he thinks the same about me).  There have been a lot of times when I have to shake my head and say "Whatever Honey".

I am sure we all have those times where our ideas seem cooky to others.  Then there are those times when our ideas are totally brilliant and others wonder where on Earth you came up with it.  That is how I feel about Matt this time.

Matts organizational skills leave a lot to be desired, but some how it works for him.  I am the opposite, I like things clean and perfectly organized.  However he is making small strides and I am happy for that.  He has to do things his way for his stuff, otherwise I would have already organized his area for him.

This plan didn't take care of the biggest problem, but it made his life easier.  His idea is brilliant.

Using these test tubes he found on he organized all of his resistors.

A resistor is a really tiny electrical component that Geeks (like Matt) works with (he is an electronics engineer).

They all look the same to most people, but they aren't.  They have little colored bands that indicate a size/rating/value.

When they are all bundled together, it is hard to tell the difference.

Matt separated them all by their values in these little test tubes and can now find them a lot easier and quicker.  So brilliant, where did I find him?

Has your husband ever thought of something totally out of the box, and ingenious?

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