Monday, January 19, 2015

Austin's Fancy Nancy Party Prep: Invitations

I saw these pretty pictures on the internet one day and knew they would be perfect for something someday.  I like projects that I can do most if not all of the work at home.  These were a little labor intensive, but totally awesome and so stinking cute.  They took a few days.

I started by printing them out on card stock, which I already had on hand.

 I had to decide what colors to use on them (pretty easy her favorite colors: purple, yellow, and orange).

 I got out the good old colored pencils and set to work, a Sunday afternoon was perfect for this.
The next step was cutting them out, not so much fun.  By the end of this task my hand wanted to murder itself.

The next part required a trip to the craft fair for paper and rhinestones.  I put the rhinestones for the center of the flowers, awesome but not quite there.  I discovered that I had glitter in my arsenal of craft supplies and of course elmer's glue, that really did it.

After the glitter spots were dry I then glued them to the paper.

I stamped the insides, filled out all of the info, and put them in regular envelopes. Done and totally awesome, she loved them too.  She was so cute while I made them, she asked if I could make real cupcakes to look just like them.

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