Thursday, January 15, 2015

Austin's Fancy Nancy Party Prep: Decorating Hats

So anyone who knows me, knows that I am a preparation fanatic.  I start planning my kid's birthday parties a year before they actually happen.  This is not a constant search and work on it everyday.  I keep notes about the things that I want to do and purchase things when they are seasonal or go on sale.  This has helped me accomplish quite awesome parties for a fraction of what they would cost me normally.

For this project I purchased Easter/Spring hats at the dollar store from the seasonal area.

They had some not so pretty flowers and bands on them, I removed all of those.  This was not the easiest task and left some hot glue behind (that's okay because it will all be covered up).

I slowly over the rest of the year collected sequins, beads, ribbons, etc. to decorate the hats with.

I think this will be a really fun activity for the girls to do.  I have seen some of the things that Austin has come up with and she will have quite the time playing with all of the supplies.  This is something that I will have the mothers help their daughters with.  I love having Moms and Daughters playing together.

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