Thursday, January 22, 2015

Austin's Fancy Nancy Party Prep: Crocheted Cupcake Gift Bags

Every birthday party I have ever been to had some type of gift bag, for the kids who attended the party.  I poured over a bunch of ideas before I found the perfect idea for them.  Anything from simple brown paper bags with doilies on the top to brightly patterned gift bags dressed up with lace.  They just weren't what I was looking for.

I finally saw crocheted cupcake handbags all over pinterest and found a pattern for them.  I had fallen head over heels for a project, Matt was less than pleased at the thought of another project. 

I even decided to crochet beads into them for sprinkles.  Purple yarn was that color of choice, 

They were pretty easy and awesome, perfect for a bunch of five year old little girls.  She was so excited she wanted to use it before the party, much to her dismay she was told she had to wait.

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