Thursday, February 12, 2015

Austin's Fancy Nancy Party Prep: Cupcake Stand

With this party being a brunch, I needed some way to display muffins and other foods.  I was prepared to make one out of candle sticks and plates from the dollar store.  So glad that I shop early and at the dollar store.

I their seasonal section they had a whole bunch of Easter stuff mixed with some spring stuff too.  I saw cupcake stands and thought that they might work.  Then I saw the holy grail of perfect for this party.  Nothing Easter, just flowers.  Guess what, it was purple too.

I even employed Cheyenne's help in the project.

With all of the other fancify-ing going on, I had to add something to it too.  I grabbed some left over rhinestones and put them in the center of the flowers.

Easy peasy, also way cute too.

I will show the party recap in a couple of days and you can see everything all put together.

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