Thursday, August 6, 2015

52 weeks of gratitude challenge: Week 1

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Today I am starting a gratitude challenge.  I found this idea over here at, and decided I needed to participate.  Boy, will my gratitude journal get full.  I am very thankful for many of the things in my life, however when things aren't going my way I tend to get a little down in the self pity dumps and feel bad for myself.  The thing is though, my life is really great, I do have it pretty darn good.

Because of how I get, I have decided I need to focus more on the things I am thankful for and less on the things that get me down.  I feel if I really focus on the things I am thankful for, and search for new things that I didn't realize that I was thankful for, then my mood will change.  I really have so much in my life to be thankful for.

Hopefully through all of this, I can more frequently express to my family how grateful I am for them. I also hope that I can discover more little things that I take for granted, and be thankful for them as well.  I think there are so many little things that we don't realize play such a large roll in our lives.  So hopefully I can keep up with this challenge and be better off because of it.

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