Thursday, August 13, 2015

52 weeks of Gratitude Challenge: Week 2

So this week is spouse/significant other, meaning my amazing husband - Matthew.  When Matt and I first met, we were working together at the local gym and we didn't like each other.  Over the course of a few months we started getting along and worked together quite well, and then we fell for each other.

He has been so good for me, without him I wouldn't have been involved with our religion as much.  I am so grateful to him for helping to bring me back to our faith, it is the center of our lives.

I haven't always been extremely healthy and I have relied on him a lot during the times when I have been ill.  He has had to take over running things at times.  I definitely do not envy him having to put up with my illness.  I really appreciate all that he does to help me.

Matt has always been active in helping with the kids.  He goes grocery shopping with me and attends doctor's appointments with me.  He takes care of our vehicles and mows the lawn.  He vacuums and makes pancakes.

Matt is an amazing man and is the perfect one for me.  He is also the best person in my life.  Since we married when I was pretty young, he has been such an example and has been patient as I am an imperfect wife.

It is easy to say that I am very thankful to have such an amazing husband.  I have always felt like we are perfect for each other.  I really do love him so much and appreciate everything he is and does.

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