Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Day of School 2015

I know this may sound crazy, but I am so excited to say that all three of my kids are now in school.  Cheyenne is in the 3rd grade, Dakota is in 1st grade, and Austin is in kindergarten.  I know she is only in for a half day, but that is three hours a day that I can get some stuff I need to, done.

Cheyenne has always done great in school, and this year she gets to start learning cursive and multiplication.  Honestly she is so good with spelling and math.  Her very favorite subject is science. I think Cheyenne is the type of child who could finish college while in high school.

Dakota is my difficult one, he is very intelligent and that is the problem.  Last year he snuck out of class several times (because he gets bored), he also stole school supplies from his teacher.  Dakota has ADD and possibly Asburgers, which makes a lot really hard.  I love Dakota so much and am actually really nervous about this year.

Austin is actually smart enough, she could potentially go straight to 1st grade.  Already having Kody in 1st grade, we decided to keep her in kindergarten.  Austin has picked up on it all from the other two.  She is doing math and reading small words.  She understands calendars and patterns.

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