Monday, August 31, 2015

My New Diet: Low GI meals

Back in January, I was diagnosed with insulin resistance, a genetic clotting factor (MTHFR, which also means that my body cannot metabolize folic acid), and the beginning stages of hashimotos thyroiditis.  Then in June, I was also diagnosed with PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome).  A lot of complicated things as far as weight loss is considered.  I was told that I needed to be eating whole grains and low sugar.

I did so much research and the one thing that I found is that a low GI (low glycemic index) diet is really what I need to follow.  For someone who really likes treats and junk food, this is not so easy. However there really is so much that I can eat, it is just about education.  So to spread the word and help others I am posting low GI diet recipes.  These are going to be ones of mine and ones that are from other places.

Today I am going to talk about spaghetti.  I can still eat spaghetti, and I love it.  There is one modification I needed to make: whole wheat spaghetti noodles.  It is also best to have a quarter of your plate protien, a quarter carbs and a half vegetables/fruit.  I make my own spaghetti sauce, yum.

Spaghetti Sauce:
2- 14 oz. cans petite diced tomatoes
1- 6 oz. can tomato paste
1 lb ground turkey
1 1/2 TBSP (or one packet) spaghetti sauce seasoning mix

fry ground turkey, and drain off fat.  Pour in diced tomatoes and tomato paste.  Stir in sauce mix and let simmer.  If the sauce is to thick, pour in water until desired consistency and heat through.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Just cook noodles to al dente (al dente, is lower glycemic than cooked to soft).

I absolutely love this sauce, one of these days I will try meat balls with it.

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