Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Morning Scripture Study

This week I wanted to study something that was still within our lesson plans for the month, marriage and family.  However, I also wanted to study something a little closer to my heart.  I feel very strongly about the roll of women with in a family.  As I was pondering things this week, I was thinking about my kids going back to school and all of the time I would now have.

I thought about how truly blessed I am to not have to go through what our forefathers went through, thank you Lord.  I thought about how the roll of women hasn't really changed over the course of history.  My job is to take care of these children of mine, even when they are older they will still need me.

I am always meant to care for Matt, as he does so much for me and the and the kids.  Even in the days of Lehi and Nephi, the women's job was to care for her husband and family.  I feel for all of these women how have to work (not that they always want to), and aren't able to care for their children all day.  How do they do it?

There is definitely wisdom in the Church's stance on women belong in the home (if at all possible).  I feel like I have more time to accomplish the things that I need to, I also have more time to sit down with my kids and teach them what I need to.  Because I am able to be home I can also make awesome meals for my family.

I feel that a woman's role is central to raising a family.  Women are so important in every thing that they do, they bring a certain softness to a situation.

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