Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A New Homework/Note Solution

So last year with Cheyenne is second grade, Dakota in kindergarten, and Austin in preschool, we had papers everywhere.  There were times I would forget where something was or that something else was due.  I even had an organizer to help with all of it, but it would often be overrun.

I wanted a better solution for this school year.  Enter, wall pockets.  I happened to have this set from a previous organization project.  When I came across them while cleaning up our office, I thought it was the perfect solution.  I have three kids and there were three pockets.

I mounted them to the wall with some anchors and put them up, where the kids can reach.  Now they can put all of their homework and notes in them right when they get home.  It really has helped so much more than any other solution for now.

These are fairly inexpensive and were really easy to put up.  That is my favorite kind of project.

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