Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How To Clean a Backpack (or at least how I did it)

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Cheyenne has been in school for three full years now, this year marks her fourth year.  When she started kindergarten we bought her a really good backpack, Ikea backpacks are awesome.  It has held up really well, but when I got looking at it this year it was filthy.

I decided it needed to be cleaned.  First I checked to make sure there way no cardboard, Yay there was none.  Most bags cannot go in the washer, probably because it wears on the seams.  the fabric was polyester - so washable.

My friend, Mary, cleaned a pack'n'play and you can go read about that here.  I decided this was probably the safest way to also clean Cheyenne's backpack.  I made sure all of the pockets were empty, and stuck it in the tub.  I then squirted some Basic H2 on it and sprayed it down with super hot water. 

 After that I sprinkled Nature Bright over the top and finished filling the tub.

It sat in the tub for about three hours (it couldn't go all night because we only have one bathroom and it had to be dry in time for when school started). 

When I was ready to take it out of the tub, I rinsed it off.  Then I set it on a towel to dry once it quit dripping, then I hung it on a chair as soon as it was only damp.

The water in the tub was disgusting, it was brown/grey and dirt had collected on the bottom. 

 It looks so much better, there are less/lighter stains (would be perfect if it could be washed in the washer) and no sticky stuff on the inside.

Because Cheyenne uses her backpack daily, I wanted to use cleaners that I knew were safe.  Both are non-toxic and natural cleaners.  Basic H2 can be used for pretty much everything and Nature Bright can be used as a laundry or many other things.  You can find Basic H2 here and Nature Bright here.

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