Monday, September 7, 2015

Low GI Meals: Tacos

So many people think that this low GI diet is too difficult, I have heard this from a few of my friends.  It really isn't all that hard, and it shouldn't be.  One of my favorite meals (OK, I have a lot of favorites) is tacos, I love tacos.  Growing up we ate them probably twice a month.  you can ass so much to them.

Normally you would use a flour or a corn tortilla, that is a no-no.  The only real change that needed to be made is change out your tortilla, to a whole grain one.  Don't worry, they are pretty good too.  We cook our ground turkey and add taco seasoning, the we stir in a 15 oz. can of refried beans per pound of meat.  I like chopped tomatoes, sour cream, and lettuce.  Olives and cheese are good too.

Every thing else except the tortilla is low glycemic, and the whole grain one is low as well.  I love meals that I only have to make small changes to.  My kids and husband use regular white flour tortillas.  One tortilla is about 1/4 of the plate and so is the meat and bean mixture, add a nice big salad and you are good to go.

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