Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Our Little Trip to Snowbird

Matt's work does a big company wide party every year.  The last couple of years they have paid to take the company to Cowabunga Bay, an awesome water park.  It was so much fun, they even take care of dinner and give out prizes.  The kids still keep begging to go back and play there.

This year his work took us to Snowbird, a ski resort here in Utah, they have a lot of fun stuff to do in the summer as well.  They also supplied dinner and Matt won some pretty cool battery charger (he works with a bunch of other nerds, at a technical job where he fixes robots - that's all I really know).  He was pretty excited.  

Cheyenne and Matt came down the Alpine slide and had so much fun, she really wanted to keep going.

Isn't she a cutie.

We all road the Tram: to be completely honest, I totally hate hights.  I really didn't do any looking out the window, I was freaking out.  I am not really sure how he got me up there.  I would have rather hiked it, at least my feet would have been on the ground.

You really have to admit, the views are gorgeous.  I love living in such a beautiful state.

Matt took the photos, due to my white knuckle fear.

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