Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Really Cute Sweater

A while back, my Grandma would make crocheted gifts for people.  Fast forward 20ish years, and now I am the one with that talent too.  I get to make things for people at this time.

A couple of years ago my Grandma asked me to make a sweater for my cousins daughter.  It turned out so gorgeous, she asked me to make another one for his second daughter.  The first one was beautiful plum with ivory ribbons.

I really enjoy making things for people.  I really enjoyed the combination of the aqua yarn and white ribbon.  I used this pattern for both sweaters.  The pattern was pretty easy to follow and gives a variety of sizes, just so you know.

Let's face it, most of the time babies don't care what they wear (usually they are trying to get out of it).  I really hope my cousin and his wife like this sweater.  I think it turned out awesome.

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